Blackrock Trailhead

The Blackrock Trailhead is located at the intersection of Canyon Heights Drive and Vestar Place in the Canyons neighborhood. “Blackrock” is not the official name for this trailhead, and the large Blackrock sign next to the trailhead is for the adjacent Blackrock community and not the trailhead. The Blackrock Trailhead provides access to the Blackrock and Phoenix Trails that connects to the Anthem area trails, which include the Anthem East Trail, the Bursage Loop Trail, the Phoenix Trail, the McCullough Hills Trail and the Mushroom Loop Trail. There are also a number of unofficial social trails that can be accessed from this trailhead. The main trail leading from the trailhead is a .2 mile gravel path that was constructed as part of The Canyons development.

The Blackrock Trailhead.
Photo showing the trail to the Anthem area trails.
Trail at the end of the gravel path.

Map of Trails Accessed by the Blackrock Trailhead

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