Hikes & Trails

OutsideHenderson.com provides detailed descriptions of the hikes & trails around Henderson, Nevada listed below.

The Anthem East Trail

The Anthem East Trail.

The Black Mountain #404 Trail

Black Mountain.

The Blackrock Phoenix Loop Trail

Along the Phoenix Trail.

The Bursage Loop Trail

The Bursage Loop Trail.

The Fracture Ridge Trail

Joshua Trees along the Fracture Ridge Trail.

The McCullough Hills Trail

Mile Marker 4 on the McCullough Hills Trail.

The Park Peak #403 Trail

Park Peak.

The Park Peak Loop Trail

The Park Peak Loop Trail.

The Mushroom Loop Trail

The Mushroom Loop Trail.

The Sloan #601 West Loop Trail

The Sloan #601 Trail.

The Sloan Canyon Petroglyph Loop Trail

Sloan Canyon petroglyph gallery.
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